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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Special Issue – Sustainability (SSCI, 2019 impact factor 2.576)

Development, Sustainability and Finance in Emerging and Developing Economies

Organized by the Society for the Study of Emerging Markets

Developing and emerging market economies have introduced major reforms in the past decades and experienced significant economic growth. However, the growth patterns have differed among economies, resulting in significant structural changes in economic activity and volatility in both product and financial markets. An important challenge for policy makers in these countries is the ability to sustain economic reforms and maintain a positive, sustainable economic growth trend. Hence sustainability in both product and financial market markets and policies, as well as high and sustainable economic performance is critical to achieve such as a trend.

Guest Editors of Sustainability invite papers dealing with sustainability issues in financial and product markets in developing and emerging market economies. We invite submissions of high quality, empirical and theoretical, papers related to the following topics and key words that include, but are not limited to, following:

  • Urbanization and urban sustainability
  • Financial sustainability and contagion
  • Credit sustainability, banking, and housing
  • Economic development and sustainability
  • COVID-19 epidemics and sustainability in financial and product markets
  • Migration and capital flow sustainability
  • International trade and investment and balance of payments sustainability
  • Public policies and agriculture development
  • Sustainable development of rural areas
  • Macroeconomic and microeconomic policy sustainability
  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Central bank independence and monetary policy
  • International transmission of economic and financial crises and financial stability
  • Energy finance and economics

Guest editors:
Zekai He, Associate Professor of Economics
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

Ali M. Kutan, Distinguished Research Professor
Department of Economics and Finance
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA

Qiang Li, Associate Professor,
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Submission details and deadline: All papers should be submitted to Ali M. Kutan at

In the subject part of their email, authors should specify the title of the special issue: Development, Sustainability and Finance in Emerging and Developing Economies

Before formal submission to Sustainability, all papers will be subject to initial screening for their suitability to maintain the high standards of the journal. Those passing the initial screening will be invited to submit their paper to Sustainability for refereeing.

The submission guidelines for submission to Sustainability will be provided for eligible papers and they will be further developed by the Special Issue editors before the formal submission to the journal.

Submission deadline: December 30, 2020. Papers may be submitted before the deadline and they will be considered as they are submitted. Accepted papers will be published online upon their acceptance.

Publication fee: There is a publication fee of per accepted paper paid upon acceptance of the paper and this fee includes (1) Open access article publication fee of 1,800 Swiss Franc (about $1,900) to be paid  to Sustainability journal and (2) $600 service fee to be paid to the Society for the Study of Emerging Markets for the following services to be provided for the acceptance of special issue papers:

  1. Initial screening of submissions for suitability to the special issue and submission to Sustainability
  2. Developing those papers eligible for the special issue prior to their formal submission to Sustainability, including professional advice and one-to-one guidance;
  3. Providing comments and feedback as part of the review process for submitted special issue papers;
  4. Helping with English native language editing services to prepare the papers for both pre-submission improvements and post- acceptance preparation of a final version of papers accepted for publication

Submissions guidelines:
It will be provided after the papers screened by the guest editors. Interested authors should contact Ali M, Kutan at

Organizer – Society for the Study of Emerging Markets:

Journal website:



SSEM EuroConference 2020: Emerging Markets Banking and Finance
Venue: University of Udine, Pordenone, Italy
June 25-27, 2020

The University of Udine and the Society for the Study of Emerging Markets (SSEM) will jointly hold a conference on June 25-27, 2020. We invite submissions of high quality, empirical and theoretical papers, related to the Emerging markets area.
Submissions may address topics that include, but are not limited to:
-Banking and Financial Intermediaries
-Portfolio management
-Asset pricing
-Derivatives and financial Instruments
-Capital Markets
-Markets microstructure
-Corporate Finance
-Financial stability and financial contagion
-Financial crises
-Financial openness
-Sustainable finance
-International Business
-Literature reviews (systematic, bibliometric, meta-analysis)
We will also organize a special session on ‘Islamic Finance’, therefore we accept papers on this topic.
Publication opportunities
Papers presented in the conference will be considered for publication in the following journals:
Bursa Istanbul Review (BIR)
International Journal of Emerging Markets (IJOEM) that will give an ‘Emerald Award’ for the best paper of the conference
Economic Systems (ES)
International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (IMEFM), related to the ‘Islamic Finance’ papers
Submissions to the journals will undergo a fast-track review process that maintains the IJOEM/BIR/ES//IMEFM’s normal publication standards.
Keynote speakers
-Prof. Ilan Alon, Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder, Norway, and editor of International Journal of Emerging Markets.
-Prof. M. Kabir Hassan, Professor of Finance and Hibernia Professor of Economics and Finance, at the University of New Orleans, USA, and editor of International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management.
Prof. Ali M. Kutan, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics and Finance, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and Editor of Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, will conduct a workshop on “How to publish in top economics and finance journals“.
Conference venue
University of Udine, Via Prasecco, 3/a, Pordenone, Italy
Paper submissions and deadline:
Authors are invited to submit completed papers. Papers will be selected by the Conference Committee. All the presenters will be invited to discuss another paper accepted at the conference. Please submit your papers in electronic format (PDF files only) to:
**The deadline is March, 1, 2020. Decisions will be made by March, 15, 2020. Early submissions are encouraged. The conference Committee will accept a maximum of 40 papers.
Conference registration
All conference attendees (including paper presenters) are required to pay the registration fees:
Registration fee of 300 euro (early bird: until April, 15, 2020) for all attendees, which covers conference materials, welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches, and dinners.
A late registration fee of 350 euro applies to registrations received after April 15, 2020, (until June, 1, 2020).
The conference committee will organize an optional half-a-day tour to Venice on June, 27, which will require an additional fee.
Conference committee
Stefano Miani, University of Udine
Andrea Paltrinieri, University of Udine
Alex Sclip, University of Udine
Enrico Geretto, University of Udine
Enrica Bolognesi, University of Udine
Ashraf Khan, University of Udine
Questions about the conference may be emailed to:
Ali Kutan
Andrea Paltrinieri
Emerging Markets Annual Conference